Warranty Management

. . . is an important and integral part of organisation and management processes with multiple impacts and effects. Place your trust in our long-standing and successful experience including the effective involvement of our network partners in a 360-degree view. We can perform the following:

      • Set up and integrate standards into your business processes (e.g. VDA Field Failure Analysis)
      • Develop contracts for the supply chain
      • Handle claim and recall management
      • Identify potential for reducing warranty costs
      • Conduct audits in accordance with automotive standards and any customer-specific requirements (e.g. VDA Field Failure Analysis, BMW GS 95004 and MBN 10448)

Quality Management

. . . stands for the trust of your customers in your products, processes and your tireless commitment to inspire your customers. We will be pleased to support you with our holistic approach and our expertise in:

      • Implementing, maintaining and further developing QM systems (e.g. ISO 9001 or IATF 16949)
      • Conducting audits in accordance with ISO 9001, IATF 16949, VDA 6.3, VDA 6.5 and any customer-specific requirements (e.g. BMW Group Standard, MBST – Mercedes Benz Special Terms)
        Special Terms)
      • Interim – Management
      • De-escalation management, (e.g. the Daimler Supplier Cooperation Process Q-H:ELP or Field Quality Readiness Programme)
      • Delivering expert opinions from a quality assurance vantage (e.g. arbitration proceedings)

Risk Management

. . . stands for the systematic and methodical identification of fields of action, the assessment of risks and how to handle them in your company. In this regard, it is of central importance that the risk management is integrated into existing management systems, which is why our work focuses on:

      • Being able to analyse third-party liability risks, critical process steps, dependencies and cause-and-effect chains
      • Implementing, maintaining and further developing risk management systems for certification purposes (e.g. ISO 31000)
      • Performing audits or technical audits in the supply chain (e.g. in accordance with ISO 31000, ONR 49000 and insurance standards)

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About us

The consulting firm Unternehmensberatung Klug perceives its work as a robust and target oriented component that precisely meshes with your business processes. We specialize in quality, risk and warranty management and we aim at supporting you in effectively and efficiently further developing your processes while we work on our project with you.

We have gained vast experience and specialist competence in the international automotive sector. You can rely on our cooperation as we bring an integrated consulting approach to the project and take the relevant interfaces within your organisation into consideration. We are also available to successfully mediate for you with your clients.

When it comes to company organization, products and processes, together with you we will draw up effective long-term solutions that integrate individual internal as well as external requirements in connection with our network partners.